More Hate Than Fear – London Graffiti Documentary

By - Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

London has one of the most notorious and legendary scenes in graffiti history. The underlying mentality is the purest of the ‘give no fucks’ attitudes that graffiti can display.

More Hate Than Fear is a short documentary detailing writers past and present within the scene itself. The mini doc follows Xerx, one of the many London writers to suffer at the hand of the law. The documentary aims to explore what fuels these individuals, on a personal level, to exhibit risk-taking behavior when the consequences for the individuals themselves and for their families can be so severe. 

Painting a particularly grim picture of the English judicial system’s approach to graffiti, the documentary offers a nice, yet chilling juxtaposition between the humanity found throughout graffiti and the unwavering approach the law takes when scrutinizing it.

The film premiered at the gallery show “Night On My Mind,” and was covered by Channel 4 news, I.D and The Metro. It has also recently been released online by Dazed Magazine. 

From this documentary, author Molly Manning Walker went on to write the story as a fictional short.

Directed, shot and edited by Molly Manning Walker
Music by Scott Kennedy 
Mix by Claudio Santos 
Graded by Billy Boyd Cape

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