HBO's Gripping Mini-Series "Witness" Follows Photo Journalists to the Front Lines

By - Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Last night HBO premiered their new 4-part documentary series Witness which turns the lens on photo journalists who travel to the front lines of the most dangerous conflict regions to document what they find. “Witness: Juarez,” the first in a series, the cinematographer Jared Moossy follows the photographer Eros Hoagland as they travel the deadly streets of Juárez, Mexico, a drug trade capital where ‘the economy is based on crime.’ The half-hour episode is mesmerizing, as we come along for the ride with Mexican Police on “a free ride to a place we couldn’t go alone because we’d be killed.” The journey is gripping as they race to a crime scene where a shooting victim in his car is still alive, crying for help, as the military, police, and onlookers (and viewers) watch him slowly die before their eyes. The series is Executive Produced by filmmaker Michael Mann and the documentarian David Frankham, who directed three of the films. The next episode, premiering next Monday, is based in Libya “the craziest country on Earth” followed by Rio and South Sudan. Watch the 2-minute trailer above and we guarantee you’ll be hooked!

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