Help Wanted: 12ozProphet Editorial Team

By - Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

We are currently in the process of restructuring, and relaunching, the beloved 12ozProphet news site & Writers Forum. In anticipation of this momentous event we would like to officially invite all interested parties to​ submit their relevant details to us at: Opportunities exist to learn a wealth of marketable skills in a variety of areas, however we are particularly in need of ambitious, creative individuals to provide editorial support out of our studios in downtown Manhattan, as well as those able to work. If you are an experienced copy editor, managing editor or simply possess sound editing skills; we want to speak with you about joining the 12ozProphet team to aid in our ongoing efforts to provide accurate and compelling coverage of the latest, breaking news. Familiarity with online content management is preferred, but not required. We are willing to coach and train all viable candidates. Most important is a strong desire to learn in addition to a mastery of journalistic fundamentals. We are primarily seeking experienced editorial contributors/interns that live in the New York City area. However, you DO NOT need to be local here in NYC to join the team. 12ozProphet is a global website and brand with a far-reaching audience. Our goal is to bring our viewers coverage from around the globe. As a remote editorial contributor, you’ll be working with our in-house crew to help cover news and events from your city then bring that content to life on the front page of 12ozProphet. The schedule is flexible but requires a minimum commitment of 2 days a week. College internship credit is available to those who qualify. Interns/contributors will be given ample opportunity to build and flex writing skills, introduced to the world of digital publishing, work directly with cultural icons/leaders within the 12oz family and have the distinct privilege of publishing posts that will reach a broad audience of hundreds of thousands of readers. Kindly send an introductory email with the following information: your name, location, a brief bio, links or attachments with examples of your work and a description of any relevant experience. Candidates are encouraged to contact us even if you have not worked previously as an online/print editor; we are confident in the upcoming relaunch of the site and are proactively seeking members of the team that can assist in a variety of capacities. All inquiries or responses should be directed to:

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