Recap: Hennesy Youngman Curates "Itsa Small, Small World" at Family Business

By - Friday, April 6th, 2012

YouTube art-critic Jayson Musson, better known as Hennesy Youngman, opened his newly curated exhibit Itsa Small, Small World at Family Business, a non-profit art gallery owned by Maurizio Cattelan and Massimiliano Gioni. Being Youngman’s first curated show it opened right with a performance by Spank Rock to a packed house on Tuesday night in Chelsea. Itsa Small, Small World, jam packs the 125 square foot gallery with work from over 500 artists who responded to Hennesy Youngman’s online open call asking for all kinds of works “be they big-ass paintings, embarrassing poems, tax returns, or a piece of art your boyfriend made you ’cause he was too cheap to get you a real gift” (posted below.) Entering the gallery is like walking into an episode of Hoarders. The space is filled with every medium of work you could imagine; photographs, drawings, paintings, sculptures, collages, dioramas, video, a sheet of paper with six months worth of jizz, and even a shopping cart and a couch hanging from the ceiling. The video on the bottom conveys the atmosphere and experience of opening night. As his white friends say… It was a “shit show!” Its a Small, Small World runs through April 14 at Family Business Gallery located at 540 West 21 Street. Source: Mass Appeal and Huffington Post

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