“Herakut’s Butterfly-Effect (tested on elephants)” mural in LA.

By - Thursday, March 24th, 2016

This week we caught up with the German duo Herakut as they were working on their latest mural in Los Angeles, CA and gearing up for their show at the Corey Helford Gallery on Saturday March 26th. This is a  home shopping network ad to sell you a butterfly shapewear suit to transform yourself from that ugly pug you are and into a beautiful butterfly. If only I had a rich grandma who would buy me this. As always their loose yet hyper realistic style never ceases to amaze us as they can make a large painting of something that is usually the ugliest yet most adorable small dog, a pug, into a beautiful work of art. In a world where there are so many ads on how to improve ones self this was proved to be a great commentary on the matter. Even better when they take some inspiration off the Ron English elephant mural on the side of it. They titled the mural: “Herakut’s Butterfly-Effect (tested on elephants).” 

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Photos & words: Birdman

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