Interview: Hiena Talks to Bombing Science

By - Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Hiena has been putting in work around the cutty streets of the rusted Motor City. Bombing Science got in touch with him for a quick Q&A. Check out an excerpt below.
Bombing Science: Worst chase story? Hiena: I dunno if I have the best chase story but I know I got a good one. So when I moved to Louisville, Ky the first day of being there me my friend Mike, Levis, Wasp and Neid went to push a cart from Walmart. Note we were in Levis parents van because they were out of town. So our plan was to pick the cart up and just put it in the van, so we took out all the seats. As we were sitting in the parking space Neid comes running out saying go go go! Mean while Wasp is still inside. Something went wrong and we had to leave fast, so as we were trying to leave I was trying to close the van door and on the Honda Odyssey you can’t close the door once it’s in drive. So Levis hits the gas and tries to go between a car and a Tundra and hits the Tundra and it rips the van door off and we are hauling ass running lights and sparks are flying all over the place. We drive down this access road to try and figure out what to do. We then realize that the van door which we left in the parking lot has the vin number on it. So we go to scoop Wasp up at some hotel next door to Walmart and try to see if the cops were there so we could get the door back. But they were, so we get on the interstate to go back home with no door and everybody staring at us. We finally get back to Levis house and hide the van in his garage. We never got in trouble but we found out the cops knew what we were trying to do. I guess other than loosing a door and Levis having to pay for the damage to his car we were pretty lucky.
Read the full interview with Hiena on Bombing Science here. Source: Bombing Science

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