History of The Spot: Canal Street Ledge

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With yesterday’s Forum Shot of The Day; it’s only right to give you guys a run down of flicks; of the different writers who have dared to hit the infamous Canal Street ledge. With Jaya setting things off in 1999, and DFM crew going huge in 2010; it’s always a heated debate in the 12oz office as to who rocked the ledge the best. Voice your opinion in the comments section!

JAYA Photo by: ackszwergold

HOUR / DR. SEX Photo by: urban_data

SKAME Photo by: ilnycilnyc

GABLE Photo by: Gable

AUGOR / NEKST Photo by: New YorK day in the life GRAFFITI

NEKST D30/MSK Photo by: Oscar Arriola

DCEVE 'For New York' Photo by: Sabeth718

ATG Crew / Unfinished Photo by: Emm Ess

DFM Crew Photo by: The Fanciest Donut

The Run Down

Text: Cary

Canal Street,
new york city,
Street Art,
New York,
Doctor Sex,
Dr Sex,
dfm crew,

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pasty pale on 12ozProphet

Jaya did it best. He was the first. His letters have good balance. That’s the one for me.

Paint Can on 12ozProphet

I dig the the NEKST solo one is dope. Theres gotta be other ones that were done saw a recent one on the N.Y. thread and Steady Urban Dekay thread by SKUM

cary - Tuesday January 10, 2012 at 08:01 PM...

cary on 12ozProphet

@Paint Can

you can add photo’s to the post, feel free to add any flicks dude!

they all sons on 12ozProphet

jaya for being the first.

zookyook - Tuesday January 17, 2012 at 07:39 PM...


hour docsex all the way…

Steezburgerz on 12ozProphet

Dfm 3 in a row… I think whoever did it wins because it is a crew and the only name I ever saw up there with it was bore and he’s dead. Props to the humble go getter

Steezburgerz on 12ozProphet

Tonek dfm hit it as well

EALROCK1.NYC on 12ozProphet


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