Hong Kong's Konzepp Concept Store

By - Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Discovering Hong Kong’s concept store, Konzepp is not so different than finding a fresh new graffiti piece. It seems like the line between graffiti and design is blurred more and more each day. With it’s unique bright, angular, asymmetrical yellow facade, one could relate it’s wall presence to pieces by some of the most experimental and influential graffiti writers today like Heavy Artillery crew, the TMDees, and Scott Sueme. Or perhaps look back to pioneers like Delta and Daim, two of the first graffiti writers to look to architecture for influence and to think about, and render graffiti in three dimensional planes. Scroll down to check out more photos of this awesome store below street level in Hong Kong. Here’s a description of the store we found on the KNSTRCT blog: This shop is full of freakishly fun little gadgets and trinkets. To complement the stores selection, designer Geoff Tsui, co-founder of design firm 33WILL, created an angular and twisted bright yellow facade. Tsui wanted to give people passing by a small taste of what’s inside the store, and this vibrant architectural element is the perfect way to spark curiosity. Not only did Tsui design the space, he is also the co-founder of Konzepp, along with close friend Willie Chan. Inside, stark white shelves line the walls and are filled with cool design products, while slanted yellow posts press against the wall shelves and reach from the floor to the ceiling. The retail counter reflects the design of the facade – asymmetrical, angular, and yellow. One of the most intriguing parts of the store is it’s location. The cool shop is hidden on a small alley, steps below the side street, where it’s discovery would most likely be an unintentional treat or sorts. Source: KNSTRCT

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