Always Be Prepared For The Worst With The New "I'm Getting Arrested" App

By - Monday, October 31st, 2011

Anytime I go out bombing I always change the screensaver on my phone, change the name of the person I’m going out bombing with in my contacts, and keep my phone on lock to maintain plausible deniability just in case the worst case scenario should occur. Now you can take precaution one step further with the new “I’m Getting Arrested” app for Android phones. The “I’m Getting Arrested” app was created by a software developer in Brooklyn as a way to help protesters at the Occupy Wall Street rally or anywhere in the United States. The protester loads up the app and types in a message, like, “Hey, if you’re receiving this, it means I’ve just been arrested down at Zuccotti Park, feel free to come bail me out ASAP.” The protester then loads in a distribution list — anyone from friends to lawyers — and if police are bearing down and seem to be ready to slap the cuffs on, it’s just one button click and the protesters contact list has been informed that he or she is getting arrested. “I’m Getting Arrested” is an Android-only app right now, and it’s free. The developer is said to be working on an iPhone version. Source: NY1

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