In Pictures: Miami's Marine Stadium

By - Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

We get a look inside Marine Stadium, one of Miami’s most iconic structures that for the past 20 years has been closed and off limits to the public. As with any area, off limits, Marine Stadium has become the premier penit for graffiti artists and urban explorers alike. The 6,566 seat Modernist icon was completed back in 1963 and at 326 feet in length, the decaying landmark is just longer than a football field. When Hurricane Andrew hit Florida in 1992, it was declared an unsafe building under Miami-Dade County building code and closed despite an engineering study demonstrating that the stadium was not damaged. Since then, the stadium has been left to decay until the formation of Friends of Marine Stadium came along with plans to restore the venue back to its former glory.

Recognized as an architectural masterpiece by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Miami-Dade County Commissioners passed a resolution to allocate $3-million the stadium needs to start its historical preservation. Friends of Miami Marine Stadium was created as an all-volunteer organization in 2008 to advocate for restoration of the Marine Stadium. Since then, FMMS has provided over $600,000 to the cause and has never received nor requested funding from the City of Miami for its efforts. And remember Don’t blame the graffiti artists for showing love to an abandoned building, blame Hurricane Andrew and the City for allowing a marred landmark to rot after it had no financial gain!Marine Stadium.

Photos: Bomb_Hanks & FoxxFace
Text: Bomb_Hanks

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