INDECLINE films 3,100 foot-long illegal graffiti piece by AWARE

By - Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

The dream of every graffiti writer (we would contend) is the idea that their name will be seen from every angle, that it becomes synonymous with their style. The quest to go as big as possible is obviously part of this, notable examples include ORG crew from Germany and of course, Saber’s legendary LA piece. Recently though, INDECLINE, the film company responsible for “Bum Fights”, released footage showing the creation of what is quite possibly the biggest illegal piece to exist.

Created on the ground of an abandoned airfield, the mural reads ‘This Land Was Our Land’ and was created by “AWARE”. The stretch runs for 3,100 feet and took around a week to complete. 
The man hours and resources that must have gone into it are indeed incredible, but we can’t help but feel that its legitimacy is lessened because it’s on the ground. Although, if, as the video says, it does take place in the middle of an active military zone – and the percentage of this actually being encountered is significantly higher, then of course, we must take that into account.

f412753f04f40a5712eeafaa20214dcaOrg Crew, Germany. 

And anyway, does it even compare to the two-mile long piece created by Arab Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan (which was literally carved into the desert and is visible from space?!)?

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