Indecline Presents: ‘Rape Trump’ Along The Mexican/U.S Border

By - Monday, November 2nd, 2015

Indecline is back with a new video bringing a recent political statement into the light.

The art was painted on the U.S/Mexican boarder in Tijuana, and is a direct response of action towards Trump’s statement in the Presidential announcement where he was quoted saying, “What can be simpler or more accurately stated? The Mexican Government is forcing their most unwanted people into the United States. They are, in many cases, criminals, drug dealers, rapists, etc.”

“¡Rape Trump!” is certainly not subtle. With a red ball gag and ridiculous hair style combo in tact, and as if the internet couldn’t help the people of Mexico locate Trump, the Spanish text along side the portrait gives it’s readers very clear instructions on how to get to the Trump Tower in New York City from Tijuana. 

I reached out for a comment, eager to see what nasty things could’ve went on as this was getting painted and what difficulties occurred in the process.

What hardships did you guys encounter as you painted/filmed?
The instant you cross the US/Mexico border, your wallet and your freedom essentially become the property of one of the most historically corrupt police forces in the world. We were able to successfully execute the project with very little in the way of “donations” (aka bribes) to the cops. Although we were under constant surveillance, there wasn’t much harassment and all of the cops we encountered highly appreciated the message we were pushing on their side of the border. We did however, have to clear the area every night as a result of picking a part of the wall that is consistently used by gangs and smugglers once the sun goes down. 
Indecline’s own AWARE as well as JABER and DSEK can be seen from aerial flew with huge pieces painted along the Tijuana river. Just one more adventure these guys took as they went down south to get some work done.









Photos courtesy of Indecline

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