Instagram Round-Up: Excuse My Sarcasm

By - Thursday, August 1st, 2013

This week we have our eyes on Excuse my Sarcasm. Inspired by Detroit and the happenings amidst its landscape, Joshua McNair is capturing his city and those who are making it look better. In addition to his feed, you can stalk him here and here. How long have you been shooting? I’ve been playing with cameras my whole life. Nothing serious, the most official training I got was a failed high school photography course. The graffiti documentation began around 2003, though I have a smattering of older shots. What is your preferred camera set up? I mostly use an older canon dslr, but I would prefer a full frame camera with a tilt lens. It’s hard to justify spending that amount of money on what is a hobby for me. For my Instagram shots I primarily use my iPhone 4S. What sparked your interest in being behind a lens in Detroit? I’m a detroiter. Born here, lived here my whole life. It just seemed natural to shoot the city I love. I started shooting graffiti just for a personal collection. Uploaded it to Flickr one day and was surprised by the positive reaction I got. My Flickr account recently passed 2 million views. The more recent Instagram account was started out of pure laziness. No need for tedious post photo clean up in Lightroom, instant gratification. I can even upload while out shooting. A stand out experience within the past year? The birth of my first child. Besides my little man, I had the honor of revok asking to have a photo for his collection. There’s been an amazing explosion of graffiti in detroit. Ron English called detroit a graffiti Mecca. Askew calls detroit his favorite city to visit. Revok loved detroit so much he moved here. Graffiti writers plan spraycations here, and graffiti photographers fly in from around the world to document it. It’s almost a resume builder at this point. Almost every writer I encounter wants to come to detroit. With 78,000 abandoned structures there is plenty to paint. It’s the kind of place where you’ll run into locals sintex and kosek painting a legal mural on one corner and around the next find new york’s dms crew inspecting last nights bombing run. Others who inspire you? I look up to such greats as Martha Cooper, Jeremy Gibbs, Frank Malt, astrodub, and Steve Rotman among others… They make me want to take the best photograph of the world’s most outstanding graffiti. In an effort to improve my eye I’ve been researching architectural photography techniques since all I really do is shoot walls. Most inspiring, and humbling, to me is the support I get from so many talented people. All photography and words: Excuse My Sarcasm

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