Instagram Round-up: Matt Strutt

By - Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

Matt Strutt is this weeks pick from lurking the instagram feeds. Follow him @Cheffo31. With a London locale, Matt has spent the past few years documenting art in the streets. Some of his photos were featured in issue #18 of Very Nearly Almost magazine and since, Matt interviewed Look from The Weird crew for issue #22. He is also contributing to the upcoming issue. How long have you been shooting? I’d say about 4 years photographing StreetArt and Graffiti. I moved to London 2 years ago, and found every spare hour shooting walls, doors and shutters. My eyes were opened to something i’d never found back home. The nature of the beast being for an ever changing enviroment means no day is the same, and the back streets and walls regenerate daily. What other formats do you shoot in? I use DSLR…. and for the Instagram photos I use a very bashed up iPhone 4, I don’t have any of the fancy little clip on lenses but have seen that they’re pretty cool. I will admit I do use DSLR shots on Instagram when the battery life expires on the phone….I know! I know! What’s your favorite subject? My favourite subject is a tough one! StreetArt and Graffiti both dictate my feed, both deserve equal documentation. I like to shoot artists at work, all surfaces, all environments, even if it involves climbing over a wall or fence to get the shot or shooting in the street to catch a freshly painted piece. I’m always looking to better my photographs, and compositions, like the art itself it’s an ongoing learning curve. What is your preferred camera set up? Always manual, Nikon D80 with a standard 18-70mm lens and a 70-300mm. I always shoot hand held despite having a tripod, but when you’re cycling around East London laden with a backpack rammed with zines, Macbook and camera gear the tripod stays at home. For the iPhone generally use the standard camera setting on no fiddly App, although I do rate Camera+ and ColorSplash. I try not to mess too much with the finished image but tweaking a little with Photoshop never hurts. All Photography: Matt Strutt @cheffo31

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