Instagram Round Up: Spraying Bricks

By - Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Spraying Bricks is the passion project of Louis Jensen, documenting artists on the streets of London via his YouTube channel. There are some cheeky snaps to accompany his ventures in his instagram feed. We asked Louis a few questions about both. How long have you been shooting? To be honest it’s something which has always been a passion and love of mine. My nan (nicknamed nanny G) always had a fascination with photography, which I think influenced me into taking the root of filming and utilizing social formats such as Instagram and YouTube. When I was 10 she bought me a JVC video recorder, the days you had to insert a tape and rewind and record over the mistakes you made. I used props around the house and garden to re-enact movies with a friend of mine. My Uncle had left a clap-out old speed boat in the garden one time and we used it for a X-Files/Last Action Hero mash up…lost interest after the floor feel through. Since then the hobby took a back foot. Its only in the past 4 years since moving to East London and being expose to such a rich culture of arts and creativity that it has inspired me to pursue such a love of mine, combined with my love of street art. What other formats do you shoot in? I love real life images, things that are in the now rather than directed to tailor the “perfect shot”. I like to try and capture what I see there and now so using formats such as Instagram and tailoring the photo to perceive the look created in your mind to then share it with millions of people I think is truly amazing. Prior to the days of Instagram I was a great fan of using the Cannon 5D, 7D, as well as using semi digital cameras such as the Nikon N1. What’s your favorite subject? Graffiti and Street Art. For many reasons; public art is in constant rotation and some pieces can last merely days, so what better way to savour the moment for years to come. I recently launched the YouTube channel Spraying Bricks alongside ItDrewItself, where I film and document Streetart and street art culture. We shoot high quality videos, 2-3 minutes long, which are accompanied with an interview from the artist. Art is not just reliant on the superficial final piece, but the process, thought, and meaning which creatives go through prior to the final art form. YouTube is another platform where artists and creatives alike can showcase their work. What is your preferred camera set up? I use a Cannon 7D to shoot majority of the videos. With regard to photos I can honestly say that I am more than happy with my iPhone 4S. All my photos on Instagram are shot with it. Cameraman and DJ John ‘Captain Crunch’ from ItDrewItself has been kind enough to have helped me on the series filming and editing and his preferred weapon is the Cannon C300. The quality of this camera is unbelievable! It almost feels unnecessary to grade the footage. [Photography: Spraying Bricks]

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