Instagram Roundup: Dan Bilzarian @danbilzerian

By - Friday, February 6th, 2015

Remember that fantasy you had as a prepubescent teen… You know, the one where you’re a globe trotting special agent with a life full of adventure, girls and guns? Remember how as you grew up into your teens, the adventures you day dreamed about slowly became more and more outrageous… The girls somehow devolving from being beautiful protagonists full of sexual mystique and instead morphing into well endowed party chicks overflowing with lust. Can you recall how the villains you chased down in your dreams as a kid eventually gave way to exotic sports cars, impossibly outfitted mega-yaughts and routine private jet flights to the most exclusive locations around the world?

“I know I’m blessed, because i like my reality better than my dreams” – Dan Bilzerian

Now meet Dan Bilzarian… The Navy SEAL dropout that managed to take all those prepubescent fantasies and teen hood wet dreams and turn them into his day to day reality. Captaining an inflatable dingy as it crowd surfs the masses at an arena concert? Check. Waking up in a bed, more often than not, with three (or more) blazing hot model girls fighting over themselves for your attention? Check. Picking from your fleet of sports cars so you can double time it to your private jet, to play poker, party and get laid on your way to the Mediterranean so you can play poker, party and get laid some more on a different continent? Check, check and fuckin’ CHECK!

Dan Bilzarian manages to take the most testosterone fueled, outrageous, frat-boy-fantasy-come-blockbuster-action-movie scenarios, turn it up a couple more notches until it’s well into the red; and then make a lifestyle out of it. Even then, I doubt the wild shit your envisioning begins to compare to the adventure Dan Bilzarian probably had last Sunday before breakfast.

So, it’s with the most profound respect that we remove our proverbial hat, stand at full attention and salute @danbilzerian as the @12ozprophet Instagram Spotlight of the Week. Well done sir, please carry on so that we can continue to live vicariously through your Instagram account and keep the dream alive.

Stay tuned for next weeks installment as we scour the vast depths of Instagram to bring you another account spotlight worthy of being the 12ozProphet Instagram Spotlight of the Week. Until then, have a suggestion for someone we should spotlight? Got a story about an adventure that might can compete with the dream Dan Bilzerian is living? Have something else to say? Speak up and sound off in the comments below.

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