Instagram Roundup: Lundgren Photography

By - Thursday, August 15th, 2013

This week, 12ozProphet would like to present you with a round-up of images from the Instagram feed of Jessica Lundgren McCarthy, a photographer based out of Detroit whose Instagram feed captures the exciting graffiti scene of that city. We got to ask Jess a few questions about her feed and her work with photography in general. For more amazing pictures of Detroit and New York City graffiti and other moments Jess captures with her camera, follow her on Instagram @lundgrenphotography. 1) How long have you been shooting? “Since I was 16. That’s when I stopped taking snapshots and started learning how to use my camera manually and develop my own film and prints. I think starting off before the boom of Digital SLRs on the market and the advanced photo editing programs we have available to us now helped me develop as a photographer.” 2) What is your preferred camera set-up? “I pretty much always shoot with my Canon 5D and a Canon 16-35 mm wide angle lens. I practically never use a flash, tripod or that other expensive lens I apparently didn’t need to spend the money on. I like to keep it simple. I also take snapshots with my IPhone so I can post while I’m out shooting.” 3) What sparked your interest in taking pictures of graffiti? “I love architecture. It naturally progressed from there. Detroit has the best mix of those two things. You can’t shoot one without the other in a lot of cases. At first I was photographing buildings and secondary to that was the graffiti but that evolved and I found myself shooting hideous buildings just because I loved the art on them.” 4) Who do you find to be an inspiration on your work? “My family. I come from a long line of artists of all mediums. I grew up with art everywhere around me. Mostly, I would say my Dad for getting me started and my brother for continuing to teach me more and more about photography.” 5) What was a stand-out experience you had in the past year? “As far as graffiti goes, this has been an amazing time for me where I have had the opportunity to spend time with and shoot several different artists. But I think it’s the behind the scenes, the times they aren’t painting, when they’re sitting around drawing, riding around looking for walls or out pushing carts that stand out to me. The graffiti lifestyle is a pretty funny one to assimilate into.” For more about Jessica’s work, visit her website.

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