Instagram Round-up: The Last Supper NYC

By - Thursday, June 13th, 2013

We caught up with Fredrick Douglas, responsible for The Last Supper NYC to gain some insight behind his process. Follow him @TheLastSupperNYC When did you start shooting? I’ve been shooting with a DSLR since the summer of 2010 but I’ve been taking photos since 2006. What other formats do you shoot in? 95% percent of the time I shot digital whether it be with my Canon 7D or iPhone 4. I recently purchased some film SLRs with a good selection of lenses so I’m looking to go crazy with those this summer. What toys do you like to use? That would have to be my Canon 7D with a Sigma 10mm 2.8 Fisheye lens. At 10mm I can capture so much without having to be so far away from the subject. Also the fisheye distortion just makes everything look 100 times better. If you could go anywhere with just your camera, where? It would probably be Japan. I enjoy taking photos in urban landscapes, cities to be exact. Japan seems like the only other place in the world in my eyes that may be just as crazy and hectic as NYC. Who are some of your inspirations? Two of my favorite photographers are 13th Witness and Terry Richardson. Both specialize in different areas of photography but both produce amazing photos. I try and combine similar techniques from both of them when I take my photos.

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