Instagram Roundup: Trust No One Collective (TNO) @trustnoone

By - Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Meet the co-founder of Trust No One collective. 

Trust No One is a collective founded off the ideals of collaborating with like-minded individuals and sharing original photography. Not much is known about the co-founder, other than the fact that he prefers to shoot using film (35mm to be precise). 

His Instagram consists of his original photography, along with some of the collaborative efforts between TNO and other creatives. This includes work from other photographers, shots of some of the gear they’ve released over the years, and other artists affiliated with the TNO Collective. From handstyles to slaps, and occasional hip-hop joints, this feed has a variety of street art related material that keeps you wondering what kind of releases they have in the works.

TNO also runs a blog where he writes in more detail about his collaborative endeavors, along with posting more shots of his original photography. In the past, he has collaborated with Kanser (B.Y.E), New York photographer Bluntbreak, and a host of other talented individuals with a love of graffiti culture. Although they sell the occasional hoodies, beanies and other apparel, TNO Collective is more than just some streetwear brand. Each item that they release has a noticeable amount of work put into it quality wise. I actually copped the boxset (which included a zine, t-shirt, hand drawn stickers, handstyles, etc.) that they released earlier this year, and I can say without a doubt that I was highly impressed with the coherence of the concept and the amount of time put into the project.

I once asked the co-founder about restocking certain items that had been sold in the store before and were still in popular demand, and he told me how he preferred the main focus of the collective to focus on the art aspect, instead of just trying to fill a demand for clothing since this isn’t what the platform was made for. Considering how rare it is to see a brand with a popular following decide to not capitalize on its popularity for profit, I have to give a nod of respect to him for staying true to keeping TNO as a platform that others can relate to. 

We’d like to take the time to recognize @trustnoone as the @12ozprophet Instagram Spotlight of the Week. If you have any suggestions of other possible Instagram accounts to spotlight, leave them in the comments section.

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