Instagram Roundup: Van Styles @vanstyles

By - Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

From working with an extensive list of beautiful women (such as Softest Hard, Nicole Mejia, and Ana Cheri to name a few) to shooting pictures of a lifestyle that would make anyone envious, meet Van Styles.

Hailing from Queens, New York and currently based in LA, 32 year old Van Styles is a testament to what happens when you combine hard work and dedication to turn your visions into a reality – and it pays off in the best possible ways. His foray into photography was by no means ordinary, then again the same can be said of his stylistic approach. From his start as a skateboarder with an interest in videography, to working as a director in the adult film industry, his story is definitely one to admire.

“I feel like there are usually two reasons people follow something. It is either a passion or the money. I think your quality in life goes up so much more when doing something you love every day. Whether you are making a ton of money or merely getting by.”

Styles’ Instagram would best be described as the best of all worlds. He showcases his signature style from the way he captures cityscapes to his more risqué photos of models he has a way of capturing in the most intimate settings. Styles seems to prove time and time again that his talented eye extends far beyond taking pictures of attractive women. Never one to repeat the same type of photos everyone else is struggling to replicate, he has a way of showcasing views and subjects everyone is familiar with, but in a way you haven’t seen done before (check out his helicopter shoots over LA). Fast cars, beautiful women, and views from a vertigo inducing perspective, you can’t help but to think, “Why didn’t I think to try that?”.

He currently owns his own apparel company Visual Apparel (V/SUAL). You can also catch him contributing for Los Angeles streetwear brand, The Hundreds. Recently he linked up with SkillShare to teach a class about his process for shooting models. In his (what seems like rare moments of free time) he’s also humble enough to offer his advice to aspiring photographers and admirers who get at him on his Tumblr page.

We’d like to take the time to recognize @vanstyles as the @12ozprophet Instagram Lifestyle Spotlight of the Week. If you have any suggestions of other possible Instagram accounts to spotlight, leave them in the comments section.

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