Interview with Fel3000ft at Murals in the Market in Detroit

By - Monday, October 5th, 2015

Almost a week ago, Fel3000ft started a large scale wall for Murals in the Market in Detroit. For Fel3000ft, this is the biggest wall that he’s worked on by himself, measuring 29ft x 60ft. For an artist from Detroit, that continues to convey his voice through his work by adding a particular message to his murals. They can be whimsical, political or grass roots. He nailed it with this one, because it really hits home.

The message reads:

We have been considered many things:
A city in decay, a city in distress and without hope.

However, we have never given up and we never say die.
We are born fighters, we rise from the ashes.
We are a community that believes in our future despite whatever anyone throws against us.

WE ARE DETROIT! – Fel3000ft

If you have ever visited Detroit or know people from here this is more than the truth. Detroiters have been forced to be resilient.

For Fel30000ft his resiliency allows him to keep pushing himself outside of his boundaries. “There are psychological barriers that I have to overcome. I have talked to people about the vision I have in my head but was never bold enough to put it on a wall,” he says. Until now. This large scale angel was inspired by one of his clients from the tattoo shop he works at. “I look for someone with personality. It could be the color of their hair or their persona in general. I’m very dedicated and passionate and those are possible because I’m pushing myself to rep myself and my community.” Fel continues to give back. He loves this city. Being one of the older members in the graff community here, he has given guidance to a few of the writers you see out crushing the streets.


As an older writer, at a time where the city is transitioning what advice do you have for writers’ in Detroit?

To be patient and don’t be so quick to be judgemental. Take the time to step out of a writers’ mind and think of a political figure that doesn’t understand your voice. Just because we’re from the streets that doesn’t make us stupid, it’s quite the opposite.

Do you consider yourself an ambassador of the graff community in Detroit?

Not at all…I cannot label myself that out of respect for the local graff community. Because I cannot speak for everyone!

How has your ideology of writing changed?

Everybody’s’ ideology changes. At my age, I’ve resigned from crushing the streets. It breaks my heart. I still have a want to paint. I’m just doing another form of it. My 16yr old self would think my 43yr old self is a busta!

How different is the scene now vs when you started?

When I was a kid, you could walk into an abando and do what you want. Now things are different and more is at stake.

What do you think the city could do to give writers’ an outlet?

Back when the (Eastern Market) yard was active there was less graff on the streets. Everybody used to go to the yard because it was a place people could get up. Now is the time to embrace this subculture instead of stamp it out. Stamping it out only discourages an aspiring artist.


Fel3000ft says that he would love to be part of the solution to see the graff scene continue to grow. Now is the time for people to embrace this subculture because it could be gone forever. And just because someone may be considered a “toy” or inexperienced give them constructive critism. Keep it positive because if that writer travels to another city they are representing Detroit and the scene here.

Special thanks to Fel3000ft for taking the time to talk to us at 12oz Prophet. And thanks to 1xRun for including Fel3000ft in the Murals in the Market Fesitval. He holds a special place with many of us here in Detroit; myself included. He is someone that’s been super genuine with me from day one and I truly respect that.

To see more of Fel3000fts’ work you can find him on IG @FEL3000FT

Text and photos by attng3tr

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