12 Questions With: Ferals Crew, Sydney

By - Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

1- What do you write, crews you rep, and other members of your crews? SRATE ELVIS FERALS CREW. FLS. 2- Can you break down 2013 in Sydney, Graff wise. But more specifically, how is the train scene at the moment, how long are panels running for before they get buffed? Train scene is still going hard, panels are done everyday. 2013 saw the introduction of the new waratah trains which are a pain in the ass with cameras facing inwards on each carriage and a driver at each end which has ruined a lot of back jumps but I guess has made a couple other spots more doable. This year has a had up and downs for me and others in the crew. Overall not the most productive year, but its not over yet. 3- Who would you say was your biggest influence in sydney, in regards to painting train? My biggest influences come from Sydney’s early train writers such as BANOS, CAIB,other members from KOC and TM. 4- Could you share some thoughts on Sydney’s GTF (graffiti Task Force). And what the security measures are like on the yards? My first panel I ever did at this back jump was set up by GTF and half of us got done but since then I have managed to steer clear with very few run ins. GTF suck at what they do and are a waste of tax payers money. 5- Yards, or back jumps? whats the illest thing you have done to get over? There’s good things about both but back jumps are quite prominent in Sydney. Back jumps are cool because every things set to an exact time and time limit and it all happens really fast. 6- Seems like a Go Pro HD recorder is just as important as a pair of bolt cutters, in every writers kit, these days. Whats more important, the panel, or the documentation of the panel? Definitely the panel. I’ve found myself more content with just taking my film camera to recent missions. But nothings better then getting home after and watching the footage. 7- Top 5 Sydney writers of all time? 5 of my favourite writers, perhaps not the best of all time…besides BANOS, he’s king. BANOS POTS CAIB ZOMBE KAUE 8- Drop a chase story. One time I was dropping some marker tags during the day along Oxford St, one of the main strips in the city. When I was getting a feed cops came up to me and my mate and said they had reports of graffiti, meanwhile I had ink on my hands and a pen in my pocket. There was only one cop at the time so he sat us down and as soon as he turned around I picked up my skateboard and sprinted across the 4 lanes of busy traffic to one of the side streets. The cop was only 5m behind me. Once i got into the open road I jumped on my board and bombed the hill and got ahead. I quickly dodged my way into some back lanes and found these two girls chilling in there backyard. I asked if I could chill there with them, I told them what had happened and they were sweet with it. I could hear sirens blaring and could even see two cop cars down the end of the lane. The two girls ended up being in a relationship and I hid out there until my mate could pick me up in the back ally for a lucky escape. I had only just turned 18 too, so it wouldn’t have been a great way to start. 9- A lot of Australian vandals, take the European ‘spraycation’. Are there any plans in the future to take that inter-rail holiday, and if so, what city is top of the list to paint? Yeah definitely. Hopefully next year. For me it would be Paris, Copenhagen and Berlin I guess. 10- Could you break down the current rolling stock on the Sydney train system, what model is your favorite, and why? There’s 3 different sets of ridgeys, then tangos, millenniums and waratahs. Also there are intercity ridgeys and oscars that travel up and down the coast. Ridgies are my favourite! 11- Beef, love it or hate it? Hate it. Most of the time it’s unnecessary crap that wastes time and paint. 12-You got shout outs? To all the Ferals Crew doing there thing in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Europe!

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