Interview: Jams from Hong Kong

By - Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Jams from Hong Kong recently did an interview with the Wall Lords guys where he discussed his hometown as well as his upcoming exhibition. Tell us who you are where you from and what crews you rep. Hello, this is Jams from Hong Kong. I rep the SABCAT & SHS Your style is widely known in Asia, but how would you describe your style. I’m still developing my style, but recently I’m trying to paint in a graphical way plus some tiny illustration elements around my pieces in single tone. Who are some of the writers/artist that caught your attention recently? Too many good guys out there, but recently I really like HORFE, BILOS, DEZIO and MAGIKO How is it different or special to paint in Hong Kong? Hong Kong is a city that never sleeps. You can eat dumpling noodles / fired rice or anything u want after bombing in the busy streets at 3, 4 am and go back home with the fastest mini bus on earth in guinness record – 15 minutes right to your home. Any good recommendation to paint or to do in your city? Couple of abandoned school or factories in HongKong? As the our government love to kill the oldies. So it s always free to paint for a while, and always a ghost story behind them. I know it’s a cliche to ask, but any crazy or interesting graff-related story so far? Actually it is a shame. I got busted in the first day morning of my London trip last year, but the lucky thing is: I finished my outlines before the cops came over… Ha Where in the world would you want to go and paint most? Why? Europe. I like the atmosphere there. I Like the style of street art there. I like how the government keep all the old building and the weather is great. It just makes you want to smoke more. I know you’re about to have an exhibition coming up. What can we expect from it? Yes, actually the title for the show is ” The Shit We Do Could Warm The Sun”. The exhibition mainly focuses on illustration and painting with some weird sharp of animal and human being . Just to briefly show people what we have seen in our life. Why decide to use this animal/nature theme for your exhibition? I Always want to look at the green thing and take a deep breathe in the wild environment just to chill with the animals. Especially living in a dull city with lot of lights and advertisement around, I want to do something different to it. Final shout outs? All stay home sons, Amson, Devil, Zim from Sabcat. I HATE u guys! Xeme , Yumoh , Redy! Lets paint sometime!! Source: Wall Lords

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