Interview: Kue NSF from Pittsburgh

By - Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Once a person visits Pittsburgh, they will realize how interesting of a scene there is within the vast industrial city. Many great crews reside in the Steel City, including NSF. The 12oz team got the opportunity to talk with Kue of NSF crew to tell us a little more about what’s happening in their neck of the woods. So where are you from? I’m originally from Pittsburgh, pa. What crews do you rep? NSF and JYK. Non Stop Fun. Join Youth Kults. Opinion of the Pittsburgh scene? Up until five years ago, it kinda had an anything goes attitude. Then of course, things got super out of control. Everything was being destroyed constantly. The city became a popular place to move. Redevelopment and gentrification began happening throughout the entire city. The police started cracking down hard, the buff started cracking down hard. Little by little, all of the day spots were disappearing. So now there’s a shit ton of heat. People are given years in jail and things are kind of drying up. From my knowledge, I heard you had to snort blood to get into NSF. Any comments? It’s true. I had been sort of a prospect for a while with the crew. A bunch of the NSF’s were barbecuing at Necske’s house. You know, just eating and getting drunk, family picnic style. There had been talk of putting me in the crew. Necs, Yucs, Saren and Wheats called me into the kitchen. They put me down in the crew. There was a cutting board with all this beef blood on it. Yucs said to make it official, I had to snort a line of blood. He was only joking, and busting my balls. I took it serious. I mixed it with some beer, and bumped a pretty healthy amount… You know what they say, “Blood in. Blood out.” Tits or Ass? Howard Hughes was a tit man, and Cosmo Kramer was an ass man. Both were geniuses in their own right. I’m a fan of both. Has graffiti changed your life or have you changed your life for graffiti? Absolutely both. It’s give and take. Graffiti has created awesome friendships for me, but also ruined relationships with girls, family, and friends. It’s the one thing that has been a constant in my life. Apartments change, jobs change and cities change. But writing has always been there. It’s hard to imagine what route my life would have taken if I never got involved with this. Does Pittsburgh have issues with the Buff? Yes. Things are getting worse. What areas should visitors check out if they visit Pittsburgh? Probably another city. What other crews / writers do you enjoy seeing in your city? In the early 2000’s, there were a lot of writers coming through Pittsburgh. KYT, DTC, DAC, 4DC, and a handful of others put in a solid amount of work here. Do you have groupies or dudes on your nuts? I don’t know. Maybe. Hopefully not. Racking or purchasing? I’m on the fence about it. I don’t strictly steal, but I don’t exclusively pay for shit. If I see a window of opportunity, I’ll take it. I guess I’ll acquire supplies however I am able to. Advice for kids starting up? Keep painting. Steer clear of bullshit. Only write with people you would fight for. Keep your mouth shut. Graffiti is illegal, don’t forget it. Try to be well rounded. You’re always learning till you stop. Whats your favorite story involving graffiti? I have a lot. I’ll share a few. It was about ten years ago, me and Mikro were going to paint the inside of this abandoned cork factory. It was January or February. Cold as shit. There was a bad ice storm the night before, so everything was covered in a sheet of ice. So we’re climbing over debris trying to get into this factory, and goof-ball Mikro decides to walk across this sheet of plywood on a 45 degree angle. Of course, his feet slide out from under him. He lands in his back, which had a book bag full of paint on it. In the process he completely cracked open at least two pounder cans of paint. He gets up, covered in snow, only to have his bag just POURING paint out of it, so we hustle double time into the building. His pants and shoes are now covered in white paint He opens his bag to find everything completely saturated in paint. We end up painting some pieces. He went home looking like Casper the ghost. Another good story is one time me and a handful of other people went to paint freights. It was me, Necske, Emone from TV crew, Rams, and Gypsy. We are all drinking and smoking beforehand. So we leave Necske’s house around 1 am. We get to the yard, and by this point Necs is TRASHED. Me, Gypsy and Rams end up painting panels while Em and Necs keep drinking and walking the lines doing hands and fill-ins. So we finish and pack up our shit. We find Em, but no Necs. Call his phone, no answer. We walk back to the car, no Necs. Walk through the woods looking for Necs, no Necs, walk the lines, no Necs. So we all have that feeling like “what the fuck?” So now its close to 5:30am. The sun is coming up and we’re starting to freak out that rail workers will start showing up for work. Finally Necs calls one of us. He had passed out drunk somewhere in or around the yard, but he couldn’t remember where. We all regroup and get out of there, then I went to work 3 hours later. Streets or Freights? I am a huge fan of both. I am certainly not some crazy, die-hard street bomber. But I like catching hands everyday, and doing fills from time to time. Trains are really fun. Its kind of an escape to get out for a day or a night and just have fun in the yard. I like exploring new territory as much as possible. If I’m off work, I just plan on walking down some tracks for like 4 or 5 hours, then turn around and walk back. Kind of like a “stand by me” day trip. Who has overall inspired you / made an impact on your style? Cres and Mikro were the first people to bring me up. I grew up seeing NSF and JYK. So naturally, they had the most influence on my upbringing. Sesk, Niser, Necs, Dever,and Onorok were the names that I had began to notice when I first got started. Also seeing KYT and DAC had an effect on me. Vent26 and Kids came through Pittsburgh in 2001. they saturated so much of the city with everything from fill-ins to tiny whiteout tags. They were the first to really hit everything with that degree of obsession. Puzle is another one that brought new influence. Soviet is another name that had an impact on my upbringing. Shoutouts? JYK’s in Boston and the west coast. NSF all over the place. My lady. Rufie and Simba. P.S. Vick and Mikro still look like that. P.P.S. GET WELL SOON, MAD!!! Text: Jailbait

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