Interview: Mach KGB from Sydney Talks with MTN World

By - Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Mach KGB, a train writer from Sydney, Australia, recently talked to MTN World about painting trains around the world. Check out a few photos of Mach’s handiwork and a short excerpt from the interview below:
You had been traveling around Europe… Can you tell us the main differences between european trainwriting and australian one? For Australians Europe is like some crazy train painting heaven, there are so many different trains and systems so close together. You can be smoking joints and painting in Amsterdam in the morning and be eating crepes and painting in Paris by the evening, it’s crazy! I think that’s why Aussies who make the long flight over there keep coming back or sometimes never return. In Australia we have 5 S-train systems, they are spread out all over the country and half of them are very difficult to paint, so people don’t travel as much as euros. In terms of style I think all local areas around the world have there own styles and traditions and Australia is no different. Sydney for example is known for a lot of public style lettering and a heavy New York influence.
Head to the MTN World blog to read the full interview with Mach KGB and enjoy more eye candy of his work. Source: MTN World

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