Interview With Michael Alan About ‘Human Puppet Theory’ Opening Tomorrow 3/5

By - Friday, March 4th, 2016

The Living Installation is a Brooklyn-born, artist collective and NYC performance art staple. Artist Michael Alan was born in Bushwick and raised in Brooklyn and Staten Island. His primary goal is to keep New York, New York. 

The Living Installation is a public art happening throughout which humans are transformed into living sculpture, reminiscent of Alan’s distinct illustrations.

Human Puppet Theory opens tomorrow at 17 Frost Gallery.

1. Let’s talk about your drawings. Your Instagram tagline reads “Egon Schiele on acid,” how has Schiele influenced or inspired you? Are there other artists who have inspired your work?

I always drew people in some type of great compromise, or half great- half good life citation, I don’t think life is one way, so that’s my view on figures-and art. Egon I learned about as a teen and still identify with him today, he made art till the end, no matter what. My work come at this time a lil more tripped at a time of mayhem, the time of acid and insanity.

2. Can you tell us more about origins of The Living Installation? What was the inspiration behind it, and how did it come to life?

You have galleries and openings and your usual, it was decent time to create a space were many things can happen with a chance for a creative community could rise

3. We’ve heard you talk about human puppet theory in relation to the living installation, what is human puppet theory?

It’s the show! We are puppets on the earth its up to us to not play along and fight back from being stringed along on some bullshit!

4. What can people expect to see at your show this Saturday that they’ve never seen before or might not be expecting?

A chance to be a part of art, vs go and see a canvas and talk about who is cool and who is not, a chance to be involved and get lost in the creation of a live happening. See a live happening that’s been going on for years, vibe out, be a part. Watch people get turned into puppets, music upside down, things break and reformat.

5. If your audience could take away one insight from having seen your show, what should it be?

Live now


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