12ozProphet Exclusive Interview: Scan

By - Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Scan, one of Montreal’s most prolific and influential writers; his name concurs with his way of life. He has been “SCANning” the city for a good 15 years now with D.A. crew – Delinquent Artists. His passion for graffiti has taken him to many major places around the world. Montréal, born and raised, he’s part of the city landscape. Scan invited us to his house, where we had time to chill, drink tea and do a q&a with him. 12ozProphet: How did you originally got into graff? Scan: Because of public transportation, I had to ride the transit for two hours every day during high school. New graffiti and noticing new spots caught my eye. So I tried it and was hooked, declared an addict straight after trying. 12ozProphet: You rep the D.A. crew, are there any other crews ? Scan: I’m part of many crews. The crews I currently rep mostly are DA and KG. I’m also down with TFO TFB JKR. 12ozProphet: Whats the importance of being in a crew? Scan: What’s dope is to forge and create a style and a motivation to get up and push each other. There is also a lot of politics involved and it can get complicated… 12ozProphet: How would you describe your style? Scan: I try to explore all elements of this art form, with classic American graffiti structure. 12ozProphet: How do you feel about the Montreal graffiti scene these days? Scan: I’m often disappointed. Many people don’t do their homework and don’t really get into it, trying to earn their stripes the right way, learn the history. It’s deeper than just looking online and picking up some paint and biting someone’s letters. I’m not down with people going over O.G. spot even if they’re faded, that’s wack. 12ozProphet: Your doing a show at the Fake Spaceproject Gallery, mostly canvas work…how you feel about paintings vs bombing? Scan: It’s two very different things but they can both be fresh. Going bombing is the sport. You do it because it’s fun, it’s good and it’s important to paint outside. It’s the foundation. If you’re a purist, you have to go, like going to the gym. Gotta maintain. After a while, even if it’s a high profile spot, you do it for yourself. Earlier you would do it for the fame, but afterwards you have to do these spots, for the game. Later on, when you go painting at an illegal spot, with limited time, the best comes out of you in these conditions. 12ozProphet: How do you feel about your transition from the streets into the art world? Scan: Just another challenge. 12ozProphet: Whose paintings (painters & bombers) do you admire? Scan: I’m not all about name dropping but there’s so many people with skills now, especially accessible online. But now more and more I have to see the works physically and learn about the artist and what he’s all about to appreciate his work more. At a certain point it’s not so much about the skills any more, it’s a lot about the style and the energy. 12ozProphet: Any conclusions? Scan: Keep going and shout outs to all my people you know who you are. Later that night we got the chance to follow Scan bombing around town, as well some “restoration” of pieces.
Scan’s new show, Montreal 2012 will be opening at: FAKE Space Project 68 Rue Rachel Est, Montreal, Quebec H2W 2B1, Canadá January 19th at 5pm, and it will run until January 29th Text and Photo: José Enrique Montes Hernandez

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