Interview and Video with LOBS GDC

By - Monday, July 13th, 2015

Where you from and what do you write?

I write Lobs/Lobsta and I’m from Providence, Rhode Island.

When did you start writing? How’d you get started?

I’d say I didn’t start writing seriously until 2006ish when I started meeting like minded people from my area of Providence who began to put me onto game.

What’s your relationship to graffiti?

Its like an adopted pet I’ve had since it was a pup that still pisses and shits all over the house but I can’t help but love and take it on leash free walks.

How would you describe your style?

I try to be constantly changing my style and aesthetic in as many directions as possible. Keep it new and fresh.


Who were you influenced by when you started out?

Seaz, Juner, Mylk, Perve, Die59 and a bunch of other locals that came before me. 

What is your favorite era of Graffiti?

The early New York Subway era, prior to clean trains. No era will ever compare.

Favorite Cities/places?

Waikiki , Cancun, California, Miami and Hong Kong so far.

Favorite food?

Buffalo Chicken anything

Who would you consider your biggest influences?

I’ve been influenced by the people I came up with in Rhode Island and from what I’ve seen and learned in my travels. 



Has your reason for writing changed at?

The reasoning has expanded, not changed.

What writers influence you today?

My crewmates mostly

What makes a writers stand out to you?

His/Her degree of hunger and innovation

Have you ever caught a charge for painting?

Of course. You have to pay to play right?

What are you most known for?

Maybe my ability to survive multiple massive falls.

What do you want to be remembered for?

Inspiring as many as possible.



Where’s the most interesting place you’ve painted and why?

I’d say its between Oakland and Mexico. The tunnel systems and free for all environment of the bay is an experience I will always appreciate. Mexico was unlike any other place I’ve painted and the police were bribable.

What’s been the biggest influence on your work over the last year?

The biggest influence on my graffiti has been my fine art spilling into it.

Weirdest thing that has happened when out painting?

Just a few weeks back I was painting a fire escape spot 5 stories up on this old abandoned factory and mid fill-in over the windows something started banging on the glass from the inside. I couldn’t see who or what it was but seemed like some paranormal activity shit.

Do you find you do better pieces depending on who you painting with?

Ha, was just talking to my friend about this the other day. I believe so. At the end of the day there is a competitive nature to this and when I paint with someone I artistically respect I feel like I really need to bring the rice out.   


What plans do you have for the future?

Continue to progress in all areas of my life, travel and paint as much a humanly possible.

Give some shouts!

Shout out all my GDCs! Agen, Grime, Swine, Ase38, Suer, Die59, Okto, Hater, Venom, Grekee and my brother Seja. Shout out all the hospitable gents I’ve met and had the pleasure to paint with in my travels. Also shout all those hating behind closed doors or online who put on their happy mask in my face, I appreciate the energy. And a big thanks to KC for making this happen!


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