Interview with KAWS "The Nature of Need"

By - Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

{image-1} Hypebeast got a chance to interview artist KAWS, also known as Brian Donnelly, during the preparation for his latest exhibition The Nature of Need. Check out an excerpt from the interview below, and to read it entirely, click here. Your works often possess a high level of technical aspect of the shading, the proportions, and perspective. It seems like brush strokes are nearly impossible to see and the nuances are few and far between. What is something you are most proud of in terms of your technical skill when it comes to painting? Well – to say that “I am most proud of this” sounds kind of corny (laughs). But, I have been painting my whole life. I truly enjoy painting and I worked hard so I can be in a position to paint. When I am painting, it’s a really good time for me. I can zone out on most other things in life and can just be in the studio and focus. I did make it a point in recent years to begin trying to do more exhibitions as a way to get my paintings in front of people. Because, you can make something look so good in a print magazine or online using vectors and other things like that; but people can assume that that is all there is to it and it’s just manufactured. It’s only when you are right in front of a painting that you see that everything is actually done by hand – there’s no masking, it is actually shaky in some places and there are some subtle nuances that are unavoidable. I aim to make something as straight as possible of course, but in the end, it’s going to be a little fucked up in some places – but, that’s the quality I like. How do you think your personality is reflected in your artwork? Or is there a disconnection at all? There’s definitely a connection. I mean, it’s just sort of the work I’m making at the time or getting a feel for the kind of the mood I am at during the time. Like if there are periods in life that are chaotic, this will be reflected to some degree in my work. Also, be sure to peep our recap of KAWS’ latest show.

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