Interview: 10 questions with Aloy

By - Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

1. What year did you start writing?
I can’t say I officially started till around 94′. I tagged and wrote on shit before that, but didn’t get my name and make it official till that year. At that time, it was all about buses. THEN IT WAS ON.

2. Where did you grow up?
San Gabriel Valley, I’ve seen the good, the bad, & the ugly growing up. I remember telling myself as a kid, I was gonna be the best writer to ever come out of This place. That’s one hell of a goal… Haha!!

3. Who is your biggest inspiration?

My crews first and foremost have inspired me. I’m lucky to have not bounced around from crew to crew. I’ve always kept it to a minimum. The crews I’m from now, are pretty much the ones I’ve grown up with. We all jack and fine tune each others ideas and make good shit happen!

4. When did you first hear about The Seventh Letter?
Yeeeeaaars ago

5. What is your dream spot to hit?
Between Patricia Arquette’s legs, when she filmed that movie True Romance!!! Other than that, I don’t have one, I’ve been lucky to hit some really hairy spots and walk away with my heart still beating.

6. How often do you sketch? Are your pieces normally freestyle’d?

Can’t say, I go through phases where that’s all I do, other times I don’t have the patience like alot of my friends do to just draw and create. I wish I did.

7. When is your favorite time to paint?

…Come on now

8. Who are your favorite people to paint with?

My Family/ Crews

9. How and why did you become part of The Seventh Letter?
They needed a crazy mother fucker on the tours… #KINGOFHORNY!!

10. What other crews do you rep?

Article: 10 Questions with Aloy Source: The Seventh Letter Photo Credit: Disco Bryso

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