James and Karla Murray Storefront Walking Tour

By - Sunday, November 27th, 2011

James and Karla Murray are photographers particularly well-known in the graffiti and street art communities for their books on graffiti, Broken Windows, Burning New York, and Miami Graffiti. Recently, their focus shifted laterally from the tags and pieces on the walls and gates of the stores, to the storefronts themselves. Over the years they had become aware of the changing face of their neighborhood and the loss of this cultural heritage, which inspired them to record what was left before it was all gone. Their newest book Storefront: The Face of Disappearing New York is a collection of photos of these storefronts on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Like the graffiti books, they did in-depth research and face-to-face interviews within the community. The book has become a cross-over hit, spawning two follow ups, prints and an exhibition. In celebration of the success of their latest book, Jim and Karla Murray led a walking tour through the Lower East Side, pointing out some of the storefronts that play a starring role in the book. Scroll through the photos below to check out some of the highlights. {image-2} {image-3} {image-4} {image-5} {image-6} {image-7} {image-8} {image-1} Visit Jim and Karla Murray’s website, their Facebook page, or Clic gallery in SoHo NYC for more info. Text and Photo: Daniel Feral Daniel Feral is the co-founder of Pantheon Projects. Visit the Pantheon Projects facebook page.

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