James TOP's "Bring Back The 70's" Wall In The Bronx

By - Thursday, May 24th, 2012

After hosting a nice wall with a tribute to MCA earlier in the week, James Top kept busy with graffiti events, this time at Graffiti Universe in the Bronx. Top who has curated and participated in numerous gallery shows and exhibitions around the NYC area and abroad. Many of his prior events were graffiti based, but also included elements to connect to the wider culture, such as music and spoken word performances. This time he decided to bring it back to the most basic of graffiti components, the wall. The “Bring Back The 70’s” wall which was a brain child of Top and New Orleans based photographer Kevin Harris, is a tribute to nineteen seventies street style and culture. Complete with the big Cadillac, diamond in the back, and a Superfly character diggin the scene with a gangsta lean. The wall will be featured in a upcoming exhibit by Mr. Harris. Legendary NYC artists like Slave, Min, and the man himself Boots 119 were all on hand to show support. With help from fellow artist like Archer, Part 105, Jenny Scratch, Caspone, and Cj Scratch, Top has put together another great graffiti memory and a ode to the good old days. Text and Photo: Leonard Swann

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