Behind The Scenes: Jamie Reid x Shepard Fairey Print Collaboration

By - Thursday, March 15th, 2012

In anticipation of Jamie Reid’s first solo West Coast exhibition, Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles will release a new collaborative print by the notoriously discordant UK artist and Shepard Fairey in conjunction with London based gallerist and print publisher Paul Stolper. Jamie Reid is best known for his artistic presence during the infancy of the punk rock movement in the early 1970’s. During this time he designed the cover art for the “Anarchy in The UK” album by the Sex Pistols; regarded as one of the most iconic images associated with the history of punk culture. The impetuously produced serigraphs were printed at Modern Multiples in Downtown Los Angeles over the last week resulting in several extremely limited Fine Art editions that share the same punk rock aesthetic that Reid is renowned for. Ultimately four large format screen-printed (serigraph) editions and a series of unique hand collaged fine art (Hand Painted Multiples) editions were produced from two classically stylized yet generationally relevant images that make reference to both the Occupy Wall Street and the anti-oil power movements that seem to permeate every aspect of our cultural psyche. Printed on 100% cotton rag archival paper, each print was meticulously hand pulled and finished off with a hand torn deckled edge and signed by Jamie Reid and Shepard Fairey. The colors that were hand mixed for this purpose implement a special formula that was developed by Shepard Fairey. Notably, the gold pigment that is used in some of the prints is comprised of a distinct combination of metallic powders and bases that are specific to Fairey, who developed the formulas’ over a decade ago. The two images were re-produced in a variety of color-ways, some in even more limited hand painted editions. The limited hand painted editions are printed on paper that was hand collaged and hand painted by Shepard Fairey at his studio and then delivered to Modern Multiples specifically for this project. Continue onto page 2 for more on the production of the “Bright Future” edition… {pagebreak} The “Bright Future” editions are 30” x 30” and feature a pair of classic cars dawning license plates that read “empire” and “nowhere” with one of the cars engulfed in flames. Fittingly the text on the print, in Reid’s iconic cut and paste style serves as a cognizant representation of the imagery proclaiming the slogan “Burn Cars Not Petrol”. This particular image was printed in five color-ways, two of which will be offered in both regular and hand painted variations. The first version of “Bright Future” was printed in three colors; red and black over cream block. A hand painted version of this color-way features two colors (red and black) on Shepard’s staple hand collaged and hand painted paper in cream. The second version, which only exists in an exceptionally limited hand painted edition boasts Fairey’s custom gold pigment formula; gold and dark gold over cream collage paper. A rendition of this also exists over hand collaged and painted black paper. Another HPM only version was produced as well in red, black and gold. The only other color-way that will be offered in a regular edition has been presented in orange and pink over white cotton rag, additionally the HPM version has been printed over the cream hand made paper. Continue onto page 3 for more on the production of the “Shoplifters Welcome” editions… {pagebreak} “Shoplifters Welcome”, the second image that was used in this production is 26” x 34.5” and was rendered in two color-ways; both offered in regular and hand painted adaptations. The image features a disembodied hand that is inserting a ballot of “No Regulation” into a wall street labeled brief case. The political connotation that surrounds the image is affirmed by the print above it that appears as an eclectic dissertation advertising a “Special offer” welcoming shoplifters in “This decade only”. The first of the two color-ways has been printed in orange, pink and black over ivory, the second in red, silver, and black over cream. Continue on to page 4 for more info on the print release and special promo offer… {pagebreak} Ultimately “Bright Future” and “Shoplifters Welcome” will be available via Obey later this week. Don’t miss Jamie’ Reid’s “Ragged Kingdom” opening this Friday March 16th at Subliminal projects for your chance to see these gems first hand. In addition, Subliminal has teamed up with the Echoplex, a music venue in Los Angeles to provide a special promotion in honor of Subliminal Projects first opening of 2012. The first twenty-five in house purchases of any of the Jamie Reid prints featured in the exhibition will be supplemented with a pair of tickets to the Glen Matlock (original bassist for the Sex Pistols) concert that is to take place the day after the opening at the Echoplex. Text: Kelso Photo: Justin Graham

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