Recap: Jamie Reid's "Ragged Kingdom" At Subliminal Projects In Los Angeles

By - Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Jamie Reid held his first solo opening on the Left Coast at Subliminal Projects this last Friday. “Ragged Kingdom” featured over thirty years worth of ephemera and artwork by the artist who is famous for creating the album cover-art for “God Save The Queen”, “Anarchy In The UK” and “Nevermind The Bullocks” by the Sex Pistols. Shepard Fairey hosted the exhibition, playing eclectic Punk Rock favorites while those in attendance gazed upon old punk fliers, prints, posters and an assortment other stylistically desparate works by Jamie Reid. “The man who designed punk rock” showed artworks from various aspects of his artistic career including the Suburban Press,The Sex Pistols, and Afrocelt/Visual Stress. The show included works such as “Up They Rise/A Playground For The Juggler”, a painting that Reid completed in 1968 while still in college that features Malcom Mclaren. A body of ephemera created by Reid from the “Into The Age Of Piracy” movement during the early eighties was also included; the campaign was a play on the fact that record companies at the time were trying to ban listeners rights to record and share music at home. Reid also displayed works created for Afrocelt, a trip-hop/celtic/world-beat fusion band from England, and of course tons of neatly framed Sex Pistols ephemera. Additionally, many of the large format screen prints that were a collaboration between Jamie Reid, Shepard Fairey, and Paul Stolper were also exhibited. The chosen prints were from the limited hand-collaged and screen-printed editions that were produced at Modern Multiples in preparation for the show. Prints from this exhibition are available in person or via telephone order only now at Subliminal Projects and retail for $700.00. A more affordable, regular edition, small format alternative will become available at random tomorrow on Obey for $75.00. Jamie Reid’s “Ragged Kingdom” will remain viewable at Subliminal through April 14th. Text: Kelso Photo: Justin Graham

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