JC Rivera: Blackhawks, Bulls and the Bears

By - Monday, June 15th, 2015

“Among Kings and Champions,” JC Rivera’s latest mural in the Ukrainian Village neighborhood of Chicago, is already a trending topic of conversation. Stirring up support from the neighborhood and the constant pedestrian traffic, the comments are nothing but amazing. While the Blackhawks are playing on the television inside the bar, the customers are coming outside to cheer the artists on. 

With a little help from his friends @radah, @veggiesomething and @atownone – like the represented teams – this too becomes a team effort. 

The Bear Champ character is what JC is known for, and here with a fuzzier and more life like texture, his bear becomes more like reality. The Bear is a representation of what JC wanted to be when he was younger. Now as an adult he paints and works hard on the daily grind, maybe still dreaming on the inside of what could have been if he chose to be a boxer. I think he chose the correct path however, and  has become quite a successful artist. He has painted murals in Miami, NYC, Barcelona, here in Chicago, and is soon to paint in his home country of Puerto Rico. I wish I could be with him there to photograph that one. Maybe someone else will let us know how it turns out.

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