JC Rivera Gets Down in Lincoln Park

By - Thursday, October 8th, 2015

In Chicago there are areas that are more known for their street art or graffiti. Lincoln Park is most definitely not one of those neighborhoods. This however may be the only mural in that area of town. Working in this predominantly white, upper class residential area with the double strollers being a common thread, people here are not used to seeing things like this.  Lots of foot traffic brings lots of interesting looks from the people passing by. This new mural stands out and most are pleased with what they see.

If you know JC Rivera then you understand a bit more about the imagery that you are seeing. The crowns and the boxing gloves being the theme in which he works, The Bear Champ. The swirls of water like shapes pulling the theme together. Moving in a different direction, JC now wants to focus more on the design aspect and get away from being known for just one character. Being able to be innovative is important for those who already know JC, and to bring in new fans of his work. 

 JC is a predominant artist here in Chicago. He, like others in his field, has lovers and haters. JC knows who he is as an artist and stays true to who he is as a person. Supportive and helpful to others who are trying to become successful. Right now JC is working with another street artist, Ali 6. Showing him ways to work cleaner, quicker and more on point. Ali 6 is known for his raccoon character and has done many works on paper, but now is moving into more mural work. 


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