Jeff Soto's Top 10 Most Frequent Questions He's Asked Since Painting With Chevy's Art-Making Robot

By - Monday, April 23rd, 2012

We just posted a pretty amazing video of artist Jeff Soto painting a street art mural with the help of an art-making paint-spraying robot, built within a custom Chevy Sonic. You’ve really got to see it to believe it. While we were researching the story to see if it was for real we found this great David Letterman-style Top 10 list Jeff Soto posted on his Facebook page. Clearly we weren’t the only ones that had questions… From Jeff Soto’s Facebook Page: Most frequent comments I have heard/read the last few days: 1. “Did they give you the robot car?” / “Did they give you a Sonic?” • Nope. The robot car was not very… street legal. 2. “I hope someone cleaned up the mess!” • Of course! 3. “How much of it was CG?” • 0% 4. “Respected street artist Jeff Soto… Okaaay” • Never claimed to be a street artist, that was just how they ended up marketing it. “Respected artist Jeff Soto” would be better. 5. “Oh my god… it’s a robot!!” …….. 6. “Soto is just another case of commercializing street art/graffiti” • I guess I personally saw it as a chance to create and play with the crazy tools on this art car and make a large mess. Of course I got paid as well, but I would not have done it if I didn’t think it’d be fun, challenging and experimental. I did (still do) have to get used to the fact that I was starring in a commercial. Parts of me did feel an internal conflict, but in the end, I am happy with the painting and the process. 7. “What does this commercial have to do with the car?” • It is part of a marketing campaign showing the Sonic doing different and extraordinary things. It’s a fun set of commercials. 8. “What was your favorite tool?” • I worked with the engineers on all the tools but my favorite was the paint cannon that pops out of the sunroof! So fun to fire that thing. 9. “Where is the mural? Can I see it?” • It… was in Oakland. That’s a whole other story though. 10. “What’s the name of this song?????” •Robotic Melody by Plied Sound Scroll down to take a look at some stills we took and click here to see the video.

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