JIGL LD MFK and HORSE LD Talk Styles, Instagram, and Freights on “Legends Thursdays”

By - Sunday, September 6th, 2015

On Friday we brought you an interview from COUPE that featured 12oz contributor Att3ngtr. Well, lucky for us COUPE decided to drop two interviews this week. This time he sat down with the two LD ambassadors HORSE and JIGL to talk about style trends, the internet, and the changing nature of the freight game

If you live in the South or the Midwest, bench a freight today and you’re sure to catch at least one of the LD’s rolling by. JIGL and HORSE have been putting in work both in the streets and on the rails, with styles you can recognize from a mile away. 

“There’s a whole thing going on where [writers] intentionally do poor quality…like they do bad graffiti on purpose,” they told  COUPE. “I mean its all vandalism, and I like that about it…you’re doing your name, you’re doing your thing. But I just think its fucking retarded to do some of that stuff.”

HORSE and JIGL also discussed the growing trend of writers going over each other as clean freights become increasingly rare. “It just keeps getting bigger and bigger…the smaller you paint, the more likely you’re gonna get gone over,” they said. “There’s only so many trains ya know…like the reefers now? Its all bad. You gotta sweep somebody every time you go! I don’t think there’s such thing as a clean ARMN anymore.”

Instagram, they say, has changed a lot about graffiti, with more and more writers constantly posting their own pieces. They told Coupe, “[Some writers] post every fucking train they do! The night shot, the day shot, and the bench shot. ‘Check me out I went and painted guys! I need everyone to know!’… It used to be such a shame to self promo…and now everyone’s feelin’ it ya know?” They also mention the infamous “whostolemyfreight” Instagram account, and the impact it had on the game. “The internet will get your ass caught!” JIGL said.

Click here to hear the interview in full, its well worth the listen. A big thanks to COUPE for another solid interview.


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