JIM JOE Closes with an Opening at The Hole

By - Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

If you’ve walked around NYC for the past three years you’re bound to have noticed the scribbled name, quotes, and characters of JIM JOE, especially around the East Village, Lower East Side and Chinatown. Sometimes it’s just his name, sometimes it’s a more serious message saying to SEND HELP, other times it’s more playful such as his piece at the top of a building on 14th and A stating “AT LEAST YOU CAN READ THIS.” While most can recognize his handwriting by now, both in regular and cursive, his identity is still a well guarded secret. For the month of January he has been exhibiting new works at The Hole on Bowery just north of Houston. As opposed to starting with an opening and letting the gallery remain unchanged for an entire month, he’s flipped the idea around and has been adding a new piece each day. The final installation will occur on Friday the 31st and an opening will be had, the same night that the gallery comes to an end. Some of the work can be clearly identified as that of JIM JOE while others appeared to just be props, such as a wheel chair, a glass of water with a scratch off lottery card, or two upside-down Christmas trees propped up in the corner. While some may argue whether the trees are art, I actually liked the addition since it made the gallery smell like the sidewalk tree vendors that are ubiquitous on NYC sidewalks in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Be sure to hit up the gallery this Friday night from 6-9 for the closing. Text and Photos: Spencer Elzey

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