Joseph “Sentrock” Perez at the SoHo House in Chicago

By - Friday, March 13th, 2015

For February’s installment of the SoHo House’s curated street art spot, Joseph “Sentrock” Perez is the artist on view. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Joseph Sentrock has made Chicago his home for the last three years. 

This particular month was a pairing of events. Joseph painting outdoors and Lupe Fiasco doing an artist talk indoors, both sharing messages about creativity and using emotion to create. Joseph’s influence comes from many sources. Music, spoken word and other visual artists have become his creative role models. Kanye West, Chris Silva, Martin Moreno, Kevin Coval, Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu and even graffiti photographer Martha Cooper are people that influence his personal style and design aesthetic.  

Sentrock uses powerful imagery of animals to represent inner personal expression: wolves, bears or birds, often in dominant moments with “Stay Hungry,” “Stay Fly” or “Struggle comes Strength.” This is how Sentrock believes we should live our lives. Birds are a common character utilized by Sentrock to represent flight and a way to remove one’s self from traumatic experiences. Often Sentrock will paint a boy wearing a bird mask (as pictured above), representing a version of himself wanting to be able to hide or fly away and be somewhere positive and productively happy. His connection to his inner spirit is a huge motivator behind his creations. Painting is his passion and his sketchbook is evidence of this. He is always full of ideas and works for the future, always looking to share, paint and to be a part of a positive movement.

“Listen to the fallen, they know the greatness of the skies.”

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