Junkyard Doggs Kane One x Amuse 126 x Woes on Chicago’s South Side

By - Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

A short time ago in Chicago, 120z was invited to photograph a paint session between Kane (DC5) (D30) x Amuse 126 (DE) x Woes (DC5). I was given an address and a time to show up and no other information, so I really wasn’t sure what to expect and when I arrived. It was kind of a surprise to find a junk yard waiting for me.

I could hear the cans and the music not too far away from the main gates so I yelled in to let them know I was there and was told to just come in. They (conveniently) forgot to tell me about the angry pit bull waiting for me on the other side. The dog wasn’t at all too happy to see me letting myself in and he immediately began growling which stopped me in my tracks and I took off running back out of the gate I came in from. Anyway, it turns out the dog was chained up and after seeing me walk around for a while he didn’t mind be being there as much, but he would still let me know he wasn’t too happy by growling at me every time he saw me in his area.

Once I finally got inside it didn’t take long for us to have some breakfast beers and a little small talk before we all got to work. The artists painted and I photographed for a few hours and when all was said and done, and after lunch, dinner beers and tacos in between courtesy of our host, I was able to get these shots that we bring to you from over, around and in between obstacles in one section of this yard.

Stay tuned for more sessions coming up soon at this junk yard with these and other artists to be added to the lineup.

By Jeff Mancilla

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