Jurne and Much "Three is a Charm" Ironlak Project

By - Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Jurne and Much started a project with Ironlak called “Three is a Charm”, juxtaposing the two writers’ color use, piecing styles, and spot selection. For each piece the two narrow down funky color combinations to three colors, then independently choose a fourth ‘secret weapon’ color for accents, agreeing it can’t be used for more that 5-10% of a piece. The project brings the two writer’s color use to the forefront of painting a piece, something Jurne says has always been secondary to letter structure for each writer. He also notes that, “Conversely, minimizing the number of colors in the piece makes the letters really stand out.” Interestingly, for their first challenge, the two used the same colors for their fill, outline, and background, even choosing secret weapons a few shades off from each other. Round One: Real’s Sublime, Swamp and Guacamole. JURNE’s 4th Accent color: Dieci Does. MUCH’s 4th Accent color: Soviet. Round Two: Flirt, Blaze and Roarke. JURNE’s 4th Accent color: Field. MUCH’s 4th Accent color: Hunter. Keep your eyes peeled for more dope piecing from these two in one of the most interesting projects juxtaposing styles yet. Source: Science-ism

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