‘Justin Bieber is A Toy’ 8″ resin figurine available from Egg Shell Stickers

By - Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

Late in 2013, Justin Bieber made the headlines for forée into graffiti while on tour throughout several countries. TMZ caught the infamous video of the Biebs attempting to spray paint alongside Alec Monopoly on the red carpet, and the rest is history. At Mad House, the crew decided to replicate and transform this scene into a limited edition 8″ resin toy figure with the statement “Justin Bieber is a Toy” stamped on the base stand. The figure has some weight to it, and comes tightly packed with foam inserts securing the figure in its place and is housed inside of a slipcover box. None of the limbs bend or move, but it does sit nice and sturdy on its stand. 
Base Height: 14 mm
Base Diameter: 98 mm
Total Height: 221 mm
Box Contains:
– 8″ Justin Bieber is a Toy Figure
– Base Stand
– Removable Sunglasses
Limited Edition of 300 (each piece is numbered)
Available to purchase from Eggshell Stickers
$79.99 USD with free shipping worldwide

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