Kane One making moves in Chicago

By - Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

With its elevated lines and subway lines, abandoned buildings, lay ups, yards, permission and non permission walls, Chicago provides whatever an artist is looking for to help them thrive within the legal and not so legal local graff/street art scene. On any given day and in any given neighborhood you could see anything from a slap to a scribe, a tag to a throw or maybe even a commission or illegal wall all in plain sight. Galleries are also popping up everywhere and while the “fine art” joints are still here and doing well,, the galleries that focus on graff/street art are starting to create a loud buzz but that might be more of a world wide movement than a midwest, or even a national one. Art is art.

Unlike in years past art on walls is becoming more acceptable than ever before in Chicago (the city that still has a ban on the sale of spray paint), and with that admirers of art are asking for people that paint on walls to paint on canvas. I guess it’s only natural since more and more people that paint on canvas are starting to paint on walls. Nowadays it seems that the lines are getting blurred as far as graff and street art are concerned and little by little some artists are now more concerned with creating art than they are with separating themselves from each other based on labels. Again, art is art.

One of those Chicago artists that’s breaking down these barriers is Kane One (DC5) (D30). He’s been a part of the local graff scene since 1989. Kane One is also a painter, a dj, a curator, a teacher and a family man.

Recently we caught up with Kane One as he worked on his latest installation in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago where a strip of art galleries line Halsted Street and span both sides of the street for 2 1/2 blocks. We asked Kane to talk to us a little bit about this project.

“I was invited to launch the Street Canvas Project for the Chicago Art Department, a gallery located in Pilsen’s artist community. It’s the first time that anyone has ever been able to paint on a Podmajersky building since they began buying property in the 1960’s. Now, the Podmajersky family business owns entire blocks of residential, studio and gallery spaces for artists. They have always identified their properties with the same dark grey exterior so my new piece really stands out in contrast to the rest of the strip. They were so impressed with my piece that I now have an upcoming solo exhibit spanning across 7 gallery spaces. The exhibit opens November 13th, 2015, for the 2nd Fridays open studio art walk and will continue through December.”

Check back with 12ozProphet later in the month as we update everyone on Kane One’s solo exhibit that will span 7 back to back galleries.

by Jeff Mancilla (acid_drops)




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