Kashink at Chicago Truborn Gallery

By - Friday, September 18th, 2015

With a fresh new look and a better spot in the city. Chicago Truborn Gallery has come back with a mega super star Kashink. After two years in the Wicker Park neighborhood, Chicago Truborn was ready for a new look and a fresh new space. Now located at 1741 W. Chicago Ave. in the West Town neighborhood, owner Sara Dulkin is bringing the heat with one of my favorite street artists Kashink. 

French Street artist Kashink is on her Vision Quest tour and has partnered up with a local artist she met at Art Basel in Miami named Thundercircus (Thor). Kashink has just finished her work with the Jeffery Deitch curated walls at Coney Island, and will continue to travel through the country with her amazing works of art. 

What she created for Chicago Truborn are mixed media pieces and works on paper with a 3D effect. Guests of the gallery were encouraged to view with 3D glasses in which both the mural spaces, in the front windows and her individual pieces were literally in your face. Even though it seems a bit affected to paint in this 3D style, the interaction with the viewer is what she enjoys. So friendly and welcoming and with open acceptance of all peoples, she taps into the child in all of us, before we become tainted in our views of others. Why can’t we all view things through 3D glasses and have a bit of fun. Her ideas and how she shares them is about fun and enjoying the life you create for yourself. 

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