Kashink Makes a Statement in Chicago

By - Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

When you meet Kashink the first question that you will ask yourself, is why the painted on mustache? The answer, she wants to participate with the big boys. In the industry of street art the artists are mostly male. She’s down with that, but has an opinion about it, hence the mustache. Equal rights and equality for all peoples. Everyone should have the same opportunities and things certainly shouldn’t be based on whether or not your male of female. Her skills are strong and she can proves it time and time again with her work. She lets the mustache speak for itself. It looks appropriate on her face, even with her hair up in a chignon, she looks amazing with a ‘stache. 

In her murals she paints characters that have positive things to say, happy notes and catch phrases to give each person their own personality. She was in Chicago for quite a while after her solo show “Vision Quest” at the Chicago Truborn Gallery. Working in the loop down on 8th and Wabash amongst artists as Pose, Shepard Fairey, Retna, and Cleon Peterson, Kashink is now one to be on view when tourists travel through this heavy foot traffic area. The other at Chicago Ave. and Lessing in the West Town neighborhood is closer to the gallery, with both spaces curated by Sara Dulkin owner of the Chicago Truborn gallery. With more artists to come in the future, I look forward to seeing what she has to bring on more new spaces throughout Chicago.

Right now however, Kashink has moved on with her tour and is currently working in Detroit within the Eastern Market area for Murals in the Market and then she is off to NYC to continue her work in Bushwick.

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