Keith Haring Remembered by Eric Haze: A Look Back at His Art and Influence

By - Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Eric Haze is one of the most successful graffiti writers to ever use the skills he learned on the streets as a starting point for a career in design. His iconic handstyle has been reproduced on shirts, shoes, stickers, even cars! And on nearly anything that will hold ink. He recently revisited a write-up he did in 2008 in honor of Keith Haring’s 50th birthday. Haring has become a household name, with his child-like drawings found all over the world. He pioneered the idea of graffiti or street art moving into the gallery and main stage, while staying true his progressive ideals and street aesthetic. A large exhibition of Haring’s work from 1978-1982 opened this weekend at the Brooklyn Museum. It is very rare to get such a great bit of insight into his life by someone of the likes of Haze. Be sure to read all the way through as Haze talks about the impact Keith had on him as well as the community, and also how Keith foreshadowed the culmination of art, design, and music into the marketplace. Click here to read Eric Haze’s full post reflecting on the artwork and influence of Keith Haring.

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