Recap: Kenny Scharf "Hodgepodge" at the Honor Fraser Gallery

By - Friday, April 20th, 2012

Attending a Kenny Scharf show makes you feel like you’re in an acid trip in the early 60s. Iconic characters from the era are transported to an environment of vivid colors, personified painted drips and twisted creatures with gleeful expressions. On April 14, fans of Scharf packed the Honor Fraser Gallery to see the opening of his new exhibition, Hodgepodge. Several new bodies of work were on display including paintings, sculptures, a Cosmic Cavern installation, and a customized 1959 Cadillac. Continue reading on page 2… {pagebreak} The opening night featured a performance by frequent collaborator, Ann Magnuson. Unaware of what Magnuson might do, a crowd gathered to watch the performer dance on top of “The New and Improved Ultima Suprema Deluxa” (2012); The customized Caddy that was painted with a Futuristic theme and contrasted with dinosaur and Flinstone’s figurines. Magnuson popped the trunk to reveal an intricate set of the Flinstone’s pre-historic world. Continue reading on page 3… {pagebreak} Scharf’s addiction to vibrant colors and surreal imagery was fueled by his fascination of television and consumer culture as a youth. His sculpture, “Pikaboom” (2012) perfectly displays the influence of low budget sci-fi films, cartoons and the social climate of the 50s and 60s in Scharf’s work. “Pikaboom” is a picnic table is set to resemble a cartoonish atom bomb. A mushroom cloud with smiling faces hovers over seating. The wide spread appeal of Scharf’s work was evident by the variance of ages of the gallery’s attendees. Young and mature audiences alike enjoyed taking in his colorful masterpieces. MOCA’s own Jeffrey Deitch even made it out to see what Scharf had come up with next. Hodgepodge will be on display at the Honor Fraser Gallery until May 19. Text: Keisha Raines Photo: Birdman for 12ozProphet

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