Ket, Bruz, and Sin "Rotting in Sludge" Rooftop In Queens

By - Friday, August 24th, 2012

Alan Ket does it again by taking a stand and delivering a political message. After his controversial “Murderers” mural which not only raised eyebrows but was also painted over by the NYPD, this rooftop takes aim at major oil companies and their contribution in damaging our planet. Earlier this week Ket met up with Bruz, Sin, Skinz and Noc167 to paint a rooftop on the 7 line out in Queens entitled “Rotting in Sludge”. Having strong concerns about corporate pollution, Ket got his inspiration to do the piece from oil companies that were responsible for spills around the world such as Exxon Mobile in Nigeria, BP and Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico and current government persuasion of Arctic drilling which can have devastating effects. On his blog on 12ozProphet he said, “the continued pollution of our oceans and our lands at the hands of these corporations that reap billions in profits annually is reprehensible and criminal.” For a list of links to learn more about the problem and organizations that you can support to help protect the planet head to Ket’s full post here. Source: Alan Ket

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