12ozProphet Exclusive: Ket Shares Flicks, Sketches, and Thoughts on Noxer

By - Friday, January 18th, 2013

This Friday Low Brow Artique in Brooklyn will host the solo exhibition of the notorious bomber Noxer DOD titled The Book of the Dead curated Jowy Romano. 12ozProphet reached out to Alan Ket who shared some flicks, sketches, and thoughts about his partner-in-crime. Author, curator, historian, vandal, and 12ozProphet blogger Alan Ket has been friends and partners with Noxer for decades. They are both members of the RIS crew and are well respected for their street and train bombing prowess. They also have worked together on professional projects such as Marc Ecko’s Getting Up video game, the Rockin’ It Suckers book, and a Yelawolf music video shot in Detroit. Last year they painted the infamous We Know The Real Murderers mural, which was illegally buffed by the police. This is what Ket had to say about his friend and revolutionary compatriot: “Brooklyn’s Noxer has been a force in the writing world since the early 90s. His iconic throw up style with the many faces he incorporates into them add a flair and swagger all his own and give a hint of his skill as an illustrator beyond the writings on the streets. He has pieced with many of New York’s best and as a member of TFP crew continues an old tradition of burning. His dedication to painting for over 20 years is an accomplishment all it’s own but yet he still bombs. Brooklyn is proud. We all salute you.” – Alan Ket Text and Photo: Alan Ket Intro and Post: Daniel Feral

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